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You Must Go! Inn at Perry Cabin

In this month's You Must Go series, we feature the Inn at Perry Cabin. As we find out there's a reason why this charming riverside getaway keeps winning awards. What started as a country house in the 1800s is now sprawling retreat located in Maryland's Eastern Shore in a town called St. Michaels. 

We visited on a cold, rainy day and as my assistant will tell you she was glad she came along for the ride. She spent her college years on the Eastern Shore and never knew of the hotel until we went for a visit. 

The property takes your breath away immediately upon entering the front doors. Your first view is of the immaculately decorated living room with the view of the river behind it. Surprisingly this is the oldest part of the property. Just to the right is reception and the view there is not too shabby as well. Guess which movie was filmed there with the hotel in the background!


The best thing about this inn is the view. You really cannot escape the beautiful water view as it is on display throughout from. According to my assistant everything on the property is done on purpose to make you stay and want to come back. As two city girls we spent a lot of time exploring the beautiful Boxwood Garden.  It looks like a maze, which I think will be a cute setting for a wedding pictures. The garden is just one of the many gardens on the property, there's also the Kitchen Garden that supplies herbs and lettuce to the hotel's kitchen. 

Boxwood Gardens

Boxwood Gardens

What we love the most:  

  • The inn has sailing certification courses that you can take in a weekend. Learn something while you vacation.
  • Linden Spa! As a spa lover the spa offered all the creature comforts I require i.e. steam, sauna  but no whirlpool (bummer). Still you can receive your favorite treatments after your workout. 
  • Lunch at Pursers Pub! Great seating area to grab a quick bite. I think it would be fun to play board games or a game of cards, but I checked the trunk and there were no board games available. 

Stop reading and visit already! If you go try booking a Waterview room. If your a history buff book a room in the original part of the manor, but note those rooms are smaller than the rest.

Have a boat? Bring it with you! There's a place to dock your boats at the hotel, just call ahead of time to be sure you get a space. 


Lunch at Pursers Pub

Lunch at Pursers Pub