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Unforgettable Paris

If you follow our Instagram you’ll notice we spent a few days in Paris in March of this year and loved everybit of it. Paris was mesmeorizing even though it had been about 10 years since we last visited; t was still as beautiful as we remembered it.

With just a couple of days to revisit the city before heading off to Bordeaux we focused on a few places to visit. First we popped into dinner at the newly opened Hoxton Paris. The vibe was as you say very Parisian with low lighting and a busy dining room but still audible to hear your conversation. The food was good and plentiful and we loved the little lounge area before the restaurant. The tables were a bit too close to each other though as we had to pull out the table to sit on the other side of it.

Finally Caught a Glimpse of Her!!

Finally Caught a Glimpse of Her!!

Sadly we had opted not to visit the Notre Dame because we had stopped there years ago, instead we made a trip to the Louvre and you guessed it- made a bee line to the Mona Lisa! One thing that no one ever tells you is that the Mona Lisa is deep in the museum and involves some walking. Do admire the other works of art as you go along though and it does help to get there early so you can leisurely walk to the Mona Lisa and not have to rush in and out before closing time. The best thing about offseason is that the crowds are smaller than they would be in the summer.

Lastly our favorite part of the trip was our stay at La Reserve. We’ve had our eye on this hotel for years and it simply took our breath away. Located in the 8th arrondisment, the hotel is centrally located making it close to the presidential palace, the Champs D’Elysees and the high end shops on Saint Faubourgh Honore.

The hotel has rooms that have spectacular views of the Eiffel Tower as well as rooms that have views of its internal coutryard. While it looks antique it stll has a modern look to it which is showcased in its well connected wifi rooms. In our room we could use the Ipad given to turn off the lights, tv and contact the butlers right from bed. The only thing missing is that we couldn’t lock the door from bed too.

If you hate the cold you’ll be happy to know that the bathroom has heated marble floors and a huge bathtub with a tv at its base.

My stay was nothing short of spectacular it’s easy to see why this hotel was rated the best hotel in the Europe.

Until Next Time Keep Travelling!


Hidden Gems: Madame Pang

I’ll be honest when I looked up Madame Pang online I had zero hope for this place. I love Asian cusine in general and I don’t eat nearly enough dim sum as I should. Also Madame Pang was the only restaurant opened really late at night and I figured it was best to get something light for dinner before heading off to bed.

I boarded the tram and disembarked at St. Catherine’s station, figuring out Google Maps and meandering down the long barely lit lantern lit streets. On my way there I’d stop at about five different restaurants asking when they closed. Twenty minutes said the hostess at the first restaurant with olive green walls and wooden tables bathed in natural light. This was the perfect spot to have my last meal in Bordeaux I thought, but it was not meant to be.

Sulkenly, I made my way to the the corner of Rue du Pas St Georges and Rue de Devise looking out at the closed ice cream parlor. I stared down the side street which really looked like alleyways trying to figure out where this place could be located. There were no neon lights pointing to the location, nor any huge signs with the restaurant’s name on it. I decided to take a right, down the alleyway of Rue de Devise intent on asking the woman I saw waiting to enter a house for help on finding this place. When I approached the woman for help I realized she was part of this oddly out of place tight group of people sitting on a porch enjoying their cigarettes, drinks and having an overall great time. Stll unsure if this was Madame Pang’s or not I was drawn to the atmosphere of this place and wanted to go inside but I knew I had to find Madam Pang’s as well because I was hungry, I couldn’t face the disappointment of another restaurant closing up soon. So I asked “ou est Madame Pang?” and to my delight they all pointed to the door behind them.

Turns out behind the doors was this speakeasy sort of bar space with relaxed seating for you and your friends to enjoy dim sum. The entire space was decked out with Asian art or motifs and in the background hip hop hits from the 90s early 2000s softly filled the room. Everyone from the raucous group of friends near the front door to the couple enjoying a night out at the bar was enjoying themsleves in the cozy restaurant.

madame pang.jpeg

I found my own corner and proceeded to order what I considered would be small filling portions to only have 2 heaping portions of Ar Gou and Char Siu Bao arrive to my table freshly made and piping hot. I should know because I burned my tounge on the Ar Gous. The Char Siu Bao’s were my favorites. The bao was very fluffy and the pork filling left you wanting to fill up on more, they were that addictive.

Thai Punch

I also ordered the Thai Punch drink simply becuase it was spicy. If you don’t like spicy foods do yourself a favor and don’t drop the hot pepper in the drink. If you love spicy drop it and crush it ( slightly) into the drink your senses will come alive.

Great food, atmosphere and open late in a city that shuts down at 10pm Madame Pang is a can’t miss stop on your next trip to Bordeaux. I’m glad everywhere else was closed or I wouldn’t have been able to experience this place. I’m sad I was only able to go there once but I will return on my next trip to Bordeaux and enjoy this hidden gem once more.

As always Happy Travels and Eat Well!