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Boston, A Trip Down Memory Lane

Can I say just how much I love my hometown? 

I loved growing up in Boston! The city was small enough that I would still see my old high school classmates around town after we graduated from college. Yet it was still big enough for a teenager to wander around the city and do something productive before coming back home. 

This past summer I got to experience that feeling all over again as I spent the entire summer in the city. 

This time my goal was to visit all my old haunts. One of them that held special meaning to me was Artists for Humanity, known to me then mostly as AFH. I jumped at the opportunity of a She Starts networking event because it was in the same area AFH was located many years ago. It was great to see how A street, had changed overall with a mix of buildings.  Greenspace that was non existent many years ago suddenly flourished. As I meandered my way to South Station I caught a glimpse of the city's skyline up close! Going over the Fort Point bridge I looked around for the Boston Children's Museum and the iconic Hood milk bottle in front of it. I did end up finding both to my right, along with the Boston Tea Party Museum

Part of the Boston Skyline from the Fort Point area. 

Of course the fun and discoveries didn't stop there. A couple times I found my way to Haymarket. You can't miss Haymarket not only is it a stop on the T but it's literally an outdoor market on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. As a child I would go from one stall to another with my mother as she searched out the best produce. Many times my reward after a hard day of shopping, squeezing past a million other shoppers and carrying heavy market bags was a sizzling slice of cheese pizza from Haymarket Pizza. To my surprise the pizza is still $1.50 after all these years and still tastes good.

Haymarket looking towards Fanueil Hall

Haymarket is literally next to Faneuil Hall. Faneuil Hall is the indoor/outdoor market place which as a Bostonian every tourist I met referred to it as Quincy Market. Not sure why, but let's be clear Faneuil Hall as a whole comprises more than just the one building called Quincy Market. You can wander around there for many hours looking at the shops, restaurants or just sit around the plaza. You'll be lucky to catch a show as well like we did this day. 

Back in the day, I used the end of Faneuil Hall as my entry point to the North End. You can see the North End right across the Rose Kennedy Greenway ( there was bound to be a Kennedy mentioned it's Boston after all). Hanover Street is tons of fun and packed with people from all walks of life.  I ended up grabbing dessert at Modern Pastry because I visited Mike's Pastry a few years ago and wanted to try something new. 

Scrumptious desserts from Modern Pastry 

My last tip for you is to go visit Downtown Crossing & Chinatown.

Downtown Crossing has become a place where you live and not just work. While I do miss the fruit stand that was right outside the exit, having Roche Bros in the spot Filene's Basement used to occupy was a welcomed surprise.

As you make your way to Chinatown from Downtown Crossing venture into some of the bars and restaurants. If you love Legal Seafoods, do try Legal Crossing. Same brand just a different concept with a more neighborhood feeling. In fact try all the Legal Seafoods concepts around town.  You can only find the various concepts in Boston and nowhere else.  Don't forget to catch a show at the Paramount Theater while you're visiting! 

Further down Washington Street is Chinatown. It is still brimming with great eateries that stay open late as well. I'm not a fan of Pho but I highly recommend Pho Pasteur. Their Pho is supposed to be awesome but I love Bun and their's was very good. 

Check it out because we checked it out for you:

Salon JLS- Personally I love a salon that doesn't have music blasting on high and I can't communicate with the stylist. Joao is a great stylist and uses organic products which is always great. When you're done go down the cobblestone streets of Haymarket and venture into Ye Olde Boston.

Fanueil Hall- Read about the history of Fanueil Hall here. Great place to get food, shopping and plain walking around. 

Where to stay:

I highly recommend staying Downtown the Back Bay areas. First it provides easy access to the T, making it easy to get around and see the sights.  There are also numerous hotels in and around those areas so finding a hotel won't be hard. If you're looking across the river Cambridge is your next best bet, but nothing beats living in the city. 

Must See: 

Any visitor to Boston should visit Fenway Park. Fenway Park & the Sox have a tremendous history worth learning about. Additionally the area is easily accessible and vibrant with additional retail and entertainment in the area. 

Boston Common: Swan Boats and Make Way for Ducklings statue. By far these were my favorite places to visit. Boston Common is calm and serene with beautiful landscaping. 

Allston/Brighton: Probably the place where a lot of the college kids hang out but the diversity in cuisine found in this neighborhood makes it a must to visit. Parking is horrible but the food is worth it.  

Beyond Boston

As a native Bostonian, there was of course more for me to visit beyond the city. I did venture across the river to Cambridge and made it to Harvard Square.  My favorite though had to be venturing to Newton 

In Newton venture to Little Big Diner and grab a heaping bowl of ramen.

Ramen Noodles!!!

Ramen Noodles!!!

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Happy Travels!