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The Case for Travel Insurance

You've booked the flight, hotel, tours and restaurants. But have you protected your vacation investment? Investment what investment you say.  Well consider the scenarios below.

Scenario 1: Traveler A doesn't by travel insurance and travels to an island and falls ill with food poising. Client A sees a doctor and receives a bill for $1000

Scenario 2: Traveler B books cruise and gets hurt on the island and needs to be evacuated by helicopter to the nearest hospital. Client B bought travel insurance. 

Using these easy scenarios it's easy to see that Traveler B gets covered for their medical evacuation because they bought travel insurance. 

Travel insurance is one of those items that no one thinks of purchasing until something happens. But did you know that travel insurance protects you in case you miss a connecting flight, lose luggage or get sick? Some, not many will cover you should you decide to not go at all on your trip! Let's delve into why you need it and should buy it.

  1.  It's required:
    • Many tour companies especially the adventurous tours require travel insurance and will require proof of it. Some may even require it to cover altitude sickness 
  2. You have a known pre-existing medical condition:
    • Knowing you have a pre-existing medical condition, it probably is a good idea to get travel insurance. Who knows what kind of medical attention you will need on your trip. If you need to see a doctor overseas medical insurance comes in handy. Just submit the receipts (in English) to get reimbursed. 
  3.  Your work schedule is unpredictable:
    • Have a schedule that is constantly changing but booked that family trip? This is the time to buy travel insurance especially if many of the components of the trip are non refundable. Some companies have options for those who need to cancel a trip because of work. 
  4. It's extra protection:
    • Usually if insurance doesn't cover it all, check to see what the policy says. This rings true for lost luggage. Most airlines already have an amount they will reimburse you should they never find your luggage, but they have a maximum amount. Travel insurance can be used to cover any overages. In this case it may be a good time to say take a picture of the contents in your luggage just in case you have you have some expensive items.  

Keep in mind every travel insurance product is different. You should thoroughly read each policy to make sure it covers what you're looking for it to cover. Policies have time restrictions on when you should purchase insurance to cover different components like pre-existing medical conditions, be sure to ask what those rules are.  Looking to cover a particular reason call the insurance company and ask so you can get a general idea.

Happy travels and stay safe!