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Looking for a Bargain

Whenever my clients travel one of their biggest concerns is shopping. They don't want to be ripped off at the markets overseas nor do they want to haggle over pricing. 

Sadly not all marketplaces are set the same and offer clear-cut pricing. Thankfully for my clients I love bargaining, haggling over prices and offer them a few tips.

The most important thing you have to realize is that shopkeepers are not intentionally trying to rip you off, instead they are trying to see what the buyer will pay for an item, so it behooves you, the buyer to set the price that you will pay for any item.

Follow a few of the tips below and you'll never fear to bargain for items again. 

  1. Don't pick up an item unless you really want it. The bargaining starts the minute you've approached the stall and picked up the item. Also this helps keep you from picking up an expensive item and breaking it; you break you pay for it. 
  2. Always walk around- I find that the first stall is always higher than the stalls in the back or in the middle of the souvenir shop area. 
  3.  Never go with the first price that is quoted to you

  4.  Determine what you would ideally like to pay for the item you have a chosen, remember to keep it reasonable

  5.  If you want something handmade, know that this will cost higher and it may be better to actually see the artisan produce the item. 
  • Tip: Always talk to the artisan to know their thought process and history so you walk away with more than just a piece of art. 
  • Tip: Local organizations especially women organizations will have signs, indicating what type of organization they are and where the proceeds are going.

6. Practice the old walk away method-sometimes after haggling for a price and it doesn't go your way, feel free to say "thank you, maybe next time" with a smile and walk away. Oftentimes the seller finally agrees to my pricing and says I drive a hard  bargain and we laugh about it.  

7. If this still isn't your cup of tea, then buy only from stores that have prices. This  saves you time and allays your fears


The most important rule when bargaining is to have fun.