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Relaxing while Traveling

As a business owner I know that stress and burnout can take a toll on me and wreak havoc with my overall health. I love what I do and I’ve always love being busy and rarely take time to slow down and disconnect. However, I know the importance of relaxing while on vacation. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I have to work on vacation, however I dedicate a few days to actually relax. Which is why on every vacation I take a trip to the spa. I love spas, they are a great way to just relax and melt the stress and pain away out of my muscles. It’s a special treat for myself. Unfortunately since I like to wing it on vacation I didn’t plan ahead and set up an appointment at the spa.

Instead I sat in my hotel room at 1 am searching furiously to see which spa had an opening for the next day (thank goodness for online booking systems). None of them did! However, one option kept coming up in my search. The Salt Cave of Southlake in Southlake, Texas. I’m not going to lie, I did skip over this listing many times as it didn’t mention spa in the title and I didn’t know what a salt cave was. Eventually, my curiosity took over and I had to find out what exactly was a salt cave was and if it actually lived up to its benefits so I signed up for their Salt Yoga Session (figured I should get some exercise in too)

The experience was well worth it. When I arrived to class I was a little scared as I saw blocks, belts and blankets and wondered what type of yoga did I get myself into. The class was not intimidating and perfect for beginning yogis. Misty, my instructor explained that this was restorative yoga with Himalayan salt being blown into the room. The space was small and intimate so I wasn’t straining to see the instructor and the poses without my glasses. By far my favorite poses were the Supported Twist and the Viparita Karani. Each of those poses included a blanket and a eye mask to block the light while we rested, some of slept for 7 minutes. Since my ankle is still healing I had to modify the Supported Twist pose by putting a blanket for support under my ankle which helped out. In fact, I felt the pain melt away from the ankle. Meanwhile, the Viparita Karani was great on my back and ankle. In that pose my body felt relaxed even when I was balancing a sandbag on my heels. The hour and a half class went by quickly and I did not want to leave.

I even took a peek into the Relax Salt Cave where they have chaises for you to sit and relax while the Himalayan salt is being blown into the room. Even here you have access to blankets and the warm lavender scented neck pillow; that alone was worth the visit. One frequent customer said how much she loved coming to the Salt Cave because it cured her sinuses. She also raved about how her coworkers raved about her skin. She attributed that to her frequent visits as well.

Have kids? The location also has a salted playground for them as well. While mom and dad relax, the kids can play in their own salt box, complete with slides and all.

I asked Shelley, the manager why Himalayan salt and Salt Therapy in general . According to her and her website Himalayan salt has certain properties that can enhance lung function, alleviate problems with sinus infection, cold, flu and more. I may need more sessions in order to experience the full effect, however I know I left feeling great, relaxed and ready to navigate around Dallas before my flight departed to Austin.